How to Write Your About Me Page

2/21/2009 04:19:00 PM Posted by c3v3n

There are four main questions that readers want answered on your About Me page:

How to Write Your About Me Page
  1. who you are…
  2. your expertise and how it addresses…
  3. their problem or goal, and how they can…
  4. contact you

Here is a sample “About Me” page that answers these questions:


Hi, I’m Jane Smith and I write TransitionMomBlog (who Jane is) to help women make the transition from full-time mom to successful entrepreneur (the reader’s problem or goal). I started TransitionMomBlog in 2004 (Jane’s expertise – shows she has been blogging for two years) to help other women deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect

of starting a new business while still running a household (how Jane helps them overcome their problem or achieve their goal). Prior to raising my family, I spent over ten years as a teacher, corporate trainer and workshop leader (Jane’s expertise, both as a mom and a business person). To contact me, please email XXX (how to contact Jane).


Why write an “About Me” page?

Engagement: I know some bloggers prefer to write in a more impersonal style - but I’m a heart guy - I like people - I like a bit of humour, personality and emotion from time to time in blogging and an About page can really help create a more personal connection with your readers. Sure not everyone is like me and won’t appreciate the ‘gush’ - but I suspect plenty of your readers will appreciate a little more information on the person they’re reading.

Highlighting Key Pages: An About page has the ability to propel your readers deep within your site to your key posts. Is there an article that you’re particular proud of that sums up what you’re blog is about? Is there a sponsor you want to highlight? Is there a page with an income stream that you’d like to expose all your readers to? Are there some categories that you’d like to highlight? Your About page will get read - and its an opportunity to introduce your readers (particularly first timers) to your key pages.

You can also check out “Blogging for Beginners” page for more related information.


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