AdSense Success Story

AdSense has truly been changing lives of many. There are huge numbers of people who earn a fortune from AdSense and a few lot who earn quite a decent income only from AdSense displayed through their sites or blogs. But still there are a whole lot of people who still struggle to earn a decent income from AdSense. You will need to spend a lot of time researching and analyzing about AdSense before you reap the benefit from it.

You can start with joining any webmasters forum to learn how others are doing in this regard. How they optimize their websites to display AdSense in such a way that they earn a fortune out of it. Webmasters forums are the hubs where all the plusses and minuses of AdSense would have been discussed. What’s more promising here is that you can share your views too. Some of the forums you can join and gain from it and improve your AdSense earnings are like Digital Point Forums, Webmaster World, V7n, Warrior Forum, etc. These forums apart from letting you learn, you can automatically promote your sites by adding it to your signature blocks and hence double benefit from it.

You can also subscribe to those successful blogs on how they found their success with AdSense. As some of the blog owners share their technique on how they found success with AdSense every now and then which would definitely be of help for your aim of earning more from AdSense. You can follow their tips diligently to at least earn a percent of what they are earning.

You should also subscribe the official Google Adsense blog which updates on the latest with AdSense. You can get various tips and tricks as well as new features introduced at AdSense can be read here so that you can update the same in your AdSense account and try to get the maximum out of it.

Google AdSense too also has its own success stories page where the fellow webmasters share their stories on how AdSense changed their lives. It is a must read too. There are some really good and inspiring stories out there to read and motivate ourselves. There are also tips and tricks on AdSense shared here by the different webmasters to use it on a trial and error basis on our ads and see which works better. You can find webmasters from all walks of life, from forums to blogs, from general websites to technical ones, etc., here.

The other best method to get success from AdSense is to try it yourself guide. Where you should always try to impart new techniques and experiments with AdSense in your site. If you do so, you might end up with some technique where the click through rate might increase. And hence you can stick to it until find another method successful. This method can also be shared among others too at the above places.

With these methods you can actually get great benefits and success with AdSense at least to some extent from what you are earning now.

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Ways to improve your earnings with Adsense

If you are a webmaster and is trying to monetize your websites, then the best way to go forward is by adding AdSense to it. Although adding AdSense alone cannot guarantee you huge earnings you will need to optimize it well to earn well. As many of the webmasters out there have been struggling to earn much from AdSense. But still there are some webmasters who earn a decent to huge amount through AdSense from their websites.

And if you think why some are so successful and while the others are not. It is because of the fact those who are successful have been experimenting with their AdSense to find the best set of ad unit and the best position to place their ads and have found the right way to display their ads.

There are some few tips which can be followed to get the maximum from your Adsense ads. If you could follow these tips, you too can earn a decent amount from it.

One important aspect of earning more from AdSense lies on the format you choose. The best performing ad format when it comes to AdSense is the Large Rectangle format (336 x 280). This ad format has the highest click through rate when compared to other formats. If you think on why this ad format is performing well, the answer lies in the fact that the ads displayed in this unit won’t be looking like an ad unit instead it will be like a regular web link and hence people will click them if they find something useful or has a tempting title.

The other important tip that should be followed diligently is to choose the right color combination for your ads. The thumb rule here is that the color of your ads should be blending with that of your website. And also you should remove the borders in your ad unit to make it look like being part of your web page. This way you surely will find a spike in click through rates for that particular ad format.

Instead of placing your ad units on the bottom of your page, try and place it on top or at the place where the users can see it without scrolling or moving. This is the best method followed by the pros to get maximum revenue from AdSense.

Try and experiment with all your ad units and formats and positions of your ads displayed in your website until you find the right combination which works well for your site. This is because not all the formats and units work for all the sites since each site has its own uniqueness and this has to be tapped well by experimenting with AdSense Ads.

Above all you should have a very decent content to let users get back to your site or blog regularly. Without good quality content no matter how your experiment or play with your ad units you will end up being unsuccessful. Hence good quality content plays a key role in getting maximum revenue from Adsense. As they say “Content is the King”!

So, with those tips you can surely boost your earning - time to motivate you, read my last article about adsense success.

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Getting Started With AdSense

One thing which is so good to talk about Google AdSense is that it is very easy to get it on to your site and getting it approved if you have a pretty decent contented site.

To start with you will need to create a site either from your own domain or from many of the sub domains available. The site can be of any theme or niche but should have a good quality content to get the approval from AdSense. If you are newbie and don’t know how to start a website, then you can always go for blogging using the free blogging platforms such as Blogspot, Wordpress, etc. You can start to blog about anything that you love and would be able to write about it on a regular basis.

As soon you got your site or blog ready with good quality content in it, then you will need to submit your site to AdSense for their approval. Normally the approval process will take place two or three days or around that. When your site got approved then it is all easy job for you. If not approved, you will need to restructure your content in your site and also you can update your content with more fresh content and try submitting again later.

Once approved you will need to login to your AdSense account and can choose the ad formats which you are going to integrate with your website. But before that you will be prompted to agree the terms and conditions of AdSense if you are login in for the first time, you will need to agree to it and then proceed further.

The best performing ads are the bigger square ads in AdSense and this is also the best ad format for the blogs too. Choose them accordingly and paste it in your site and that’s all, in a jiffy your site will start displaying AdSense ads.

The best method to get more clicks for your AdSense is by choosing an ad format which integrates well with your site rather than going for a contrast colored ad formats which will mostly be ignored by the users due to ad blindness. The maximum number of ads for contents you can display in a particular page is three and don’t even think about adding one more ad unit in a page. Instead you can try to add in other units with AdSense like Ad Links, video units, etc.

You can experiment with the ad units by rotating the place your ads get displayed. You can also choose image only ads for a difference in any of the ad unit you are going to display in your page.

After finishing up with adding AdSense to your website you can now login to your AdSense account every now and then to check how your ad units are performing and can make changes accordingly on which is performing better and which is not.

AdSense has changed many people’s life and surely can change yours too and you have taken that first step by applying for AdSense and integrated to your site.

However, starting with adsense will not get you your success. You will need to know which ads in which combination work best. The fourth of the fifth guide is about boosting your adsense earnings.

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How adsense changed the internet

The internet actually transformed a great deal ever since Adsense was introduced by Google. Although some changes are as good while some are not.

This is just a small analysis of how this small revolution called AdSense has stormed the web. It actually deals with the transformation that both publishers and advertisers have undergone due to AdSense and how it has become a part of our daily life.

Even before the start of AdSense, people were using AdWords. It is nothing but a form of advertisement from Google to get on to the top page of the Google Search using the keywords that we specify. It actually saved lots of time and energy and money for many of the SEO experts out there by making their job easier by placing your ads on top of the Google search page which otherwise would only be a dream for many sites out there. This prompted many to launch websites to profit rather than undergoing a long term analysis with no results or returns.

When AdSense came into being, you have had the option to get your ads in almost any website which display AdSense. And for this reason AdSense really have brought a new way of advertising to the net. Before the advent of AdSense people had to toil it hard offline to get the much needed exposure.

Now, with AdSense, companies don’t need to hire those expensive experts to create ad campaigns for them. The cost for running ad campaigns have dropped dramatically and guess what with even greater success rate.

Now for the advertisers, with AdSense/AdWords, you would only have to create some keywords related to your business and just sign up for AdWords and create a campaign just like that and see real traffic. And you don’t have to worry about your campaign except for logging in every now and then and maintain it.

But the real change happened from AdSense from the point of view of publishers. Where people used to struggle to make money from their websites are now making a fortune out of it due to putting up AdSense ads on it. This prompted many individuals to start their own website as all they needed was a good quality content to get decent traffic.

Then came the phenomenon called blogging and this made AdSense even more easier and profitable. Anyone who are able to write a few words about what they are passionate about can actually earn a decent income from AdSense. This is what made AdSense a phenomenon sort of thing with even common people could make money out of the internet.

Although there are bad things spoken about AdSense like too many sites crept up with the sole intention of making money out of AdSense, but that too have been dealt well by Google by imposing a ban of such websites.

Apart from these minor hiccups overall AdSense has indeed made our lives easier and changed how the Internet functions for sure.

So, finishing my history lesson let’s continue with information for you to get started with adsense.

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Adsense Optimization - Traffic

This is my third post on my series: Adsense Optimization. If you missed the other parts be sure to check out Introduction to Adsense Optimization - Ad position, Adsense Optimization - Ad design, Finding High Paying Ads and Adsense Relevancy.

There are many different direct income earning methods (as I will be making posts on that subject later this week) and each will have it’s own ways of being optimised - but the following are principles that many bloggers find across different forms of advertising programs (for the sake of this post I’ll mainly use blogs using AdSense as examples - but much of what I write can be applied to different ad systems).

The basic factors that I’ll be covering in the following posts are:

  1. Traffic
  2. Ad Position
  3. Ad Design
  4. Ad Relevancy
  5. High Paying Ads

I believe that all five elements are important to running profitable ads on a blog. Take any one of them out of the picture and you decrease the overall earning potential that you have. ie a blog with high traffic but with ads that no one see’s is never going to earn much. Likewise a highly trafficked blog with well positioned ads that are completely irrelevant to the topic of the blog are less likely to perform to their potential… you get the point. Each element should be considered and worked on simultaneously.

I’ll start briefly with the traffic topic and last two will follow in the next day or two.

Principle 1 - Traffic

The frustrating thing about blogging for an income is that you can have perfectly positioned, designed and relevant ads that would pay a fortune but still be not making any money at all because your blog has no traffic. So while I encourage publishers to work on design, placement and ad relevancy, it’s worth remembering that you shouldn’t do any of it at the expense of developing a quality blog that people will come and read.

This isn’t the post for talking about traffic building strategies - but a holistic approach to building an online income will definitely factor traffic building as a primary objective.

Speaking from personal experience - I know how easy it is to get sidetracked by the other factors mentioned - but if you simultaneously work on building a readership you’ll build a much more profitable blog.

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