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2/25/2009 04:21:00 AM Posted by c3v3n

This is my third post on my series: Adsense Optimization. If you missed the other parts be sure to check out Introduction to Adsense Optimization - Ad position, Adsense Optimization - Ad design, Finding High Paying Ads and Adsense Relevancy.

There are many different direct income earning methods (as I will be making posts on that subject later this week) and each will have it’s own ways of being optimised - but the following are principles that many bloggers find across different forms of advertising programs (for the sake of this post I’ll mainly use blogs using AdSense as examples - but much of what I write can be applied to different ad systems).

The basic factors that I’ll be covering in the following posts are:

  1. Traffic
  2. Ad Position
  3. Ad Design
  4. Ad Relevancy
  5. High Paying Ads

I believe that all five elements are important to running profitable ads on a blog. Take any one of them out of the picture and you decrease the overall earning potential that you have. ie a blog with high traffic but with ads that no one see’s is never going to earn much. Likewise a highly trafficked blog with well positioned ads that are completely irrelevant to the topic of the blog are less likely to perform to their potential… you get the point. Each element should be considered and worked on simultaneously.

I’ll start briefly with the traffic topic and last two will follow in the next day or two.

Principle 1 - Traffic

The frustrating thing about blogging for an income is that you can have perfectly positioned, designed and relevant ads that would pay a fortune but still be not making any money at all because your blog has no traffic. So while I encourage publishers to work on design, placement and ad relevancy, it’s worth remembering that you shouldn’t do any of it at the expense of developing a quality blog that people will come and read.

This isn’t the post for talking about traffic building strategies - but a holistic approach to building an online income will definitely factor traffic building as a primary objective.

Speaking from personal experience - I know how easy it is to get sidetracked by the other factors mentioned - but if you simultaneously work on building a readership you’ll build a much more profitable blog.


  1. mytheory said...

    i agree w/ u ...
    traffic is the main thing...
    no traffic no money...

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    thanks for your comments

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