Adsense CPA or CPC?

2/24/2009 05:51:00 PM Posted by c3v3n

When it comes to your blog or your website and making money off of your page you want to shoot to maximize your possible profits by choosing an effective strategy. So when it comes to choosing either a CPC or a CPA the choice between the two can either make you or break you. Lets take a look at which one will actually help you in making a profit in the long hull.

Currently Google AdSense is among the most popular and most desired cost per click program on the web. This method gives you more exposure for the keywords that you choose. They allow you to choose keywords that directly affect your page, and the amount of clicks that you receive is directly affected by the popularity of the keyword that you are using. Remember what we discussed about testing various color schemes for your ads? Well, testing various keywords for your site allows you to decide which keywords will work for you and which ones will do absolutely nothing for you. One of the best qualities of online advertising and pay per click campaigns is the fact that you can receive results immediately.

How CPC advertising works

This is what you are aiming for, immediate results so you are able to determine what keywords are working for your page and which ones are just crashing and burning. The sooner you can pin point what is helping with the pay per click system and you keywords, the closer you are to making a profit. That is the goal here, isn’t it, making a quick profit, but ensuring that you quick profit will continue for a long period of time, so the sooner you figure out what works and the what doesn’t the better off you will be.

Now let’s turn our attention to CPA, or cost per action. Cost per action is used to draw people into an ad to make an actual sale of whatever is being offered. Instead of being paid for a simple keyword click, you are actually being paid for the end of a visitor’s action, weather they make a purchase, register or subscribe to a certain service or product. This can be considered to be a larger rick compared to the cost per click method. Your profit will be dependent on your website and the actual ads use of creativity. It may be rather chancy. Basically, what it comes down to is it is all about how much risk you are willing to take in this situation. Cost per action marketing is not as cut and dry as cost per click, so in the long run cost per click tends to be a better way to go. You get more freedom and more flexibility when it comes to the cost per click method. You get the immediate results that you are searching for will instantly help you see what you need to change and what you need to get rid of.

When it comes to cost per action you are basically leaving it up to your visitor, and crossing your fingers that they will click an ad, and actually register or subscribe to the ad’s services. Be smart and think when it comes to all of this, again you want to try and keep your head above water, instead of drowning out. If you feel you are confident and knowledgeable and know what you need to do, and feel that cost per action is a better way to go that’s excellent there is nothing wrong with that, just make sure that you do your homework between the two before you actually put that specific plan into motion.

I made relatively bad results with CPA. I must say that it also really depends on the niche. There are niches that have a higher conversion rates than others. For example if you run a website about a computer game then your audience mostly conists of kids which don’t have a lot of money, however in the dog niche for example, you have adults as visitors and they tend to buy products more often. Make sure you use adsense channels for tracking the changes.


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